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Albuquerque Land Use Facilitation Program Full Record
Created in 1994 to encourage communication between the applicants proposing land use projects and residents that would be impacted by proposed projects, Albuquerque’s Land Use Facilitation Program pro...
Citizen Participation Plan and Report Full Record
Applications as specified or required by Planning Staff shall include a Citizen Participation Plan and Report which must be implemented prior to the first public hearing.
Development Approval Full Record
A public notification process is formalized in the development process for certain land uses to engage the public in a heightened fashion and consider their suggestions before the process is finalized...
Development Code Full Record
Three separate provisions in the Bend Development Code allow for moments in the process where the applicant and the public are involved early in the decision-making process. A preliminary meeting for...
Land Use Code Full Record
The land use code subjects applications to a neighborhood meeting. Furthermore, a pre-application conference is required for all applications submitted by parties other than the City. §
Permit Requirements; Subdivision Regulations Full Record
Prior to submitting a formal application for a zoning permit or special permit, applicants in the Town of Woodstock are encouraged to prepare a rough conceptual plan of the proposed project or use, an...
Planning and Development Regulations Full Record
This statute allows for an informal discussion period in the pre-zoning planning process. These discussions are non-binding.
Procedure for Special Permits Full Record
Preliminary conferences are required. At any point in the zoning review process the Planning Board can assign and employ an informal mediator to address concerns raised by neighbors and planners in r...
Procedures and Submission Full Record
There is a moment reserved in the process for subdivision plat approvals where the applicant may be advised to schedule a review session with the Development Review Board by the Planning Director. In...
Special Permits and Site Plan Review Full Record
Preliminary conferences are required. At any point in the application review process the Planning Commission can assign a mediator to address concerns raised by a Special Permit use. The mediator’s ...
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