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City Manager to Administer Provisions Full Record
Section 4-2-9 of Title IV, Community Relations and Recreational Facilities, imposes on the City Manager, the duty of rectifying grievances using methods of persuasion, conciliation and mediation.
Comprehensive Plan: Dispute Resolution Full Record
The Memorandum of Understanding in the Winnebago Comprehensive Plan provides a dispute resolution process in the event inconsistencies arise between a town comprehensive plan and the County comprehens...
Development Impact Fee Ordinance Full Record
A mediation option is provided as part of the planning and zoning public hearing process of the city in accordance with Section 67-6510 of the Idaho Code. The cost of the first mediation session is p...
Hearing Examiner Full Record
The County Commissioners gave the hearing examiner the authority to include pre- and post-hearing mediations. Hearing examiners conduct quasi-judicial proceedings to resolve land-use disputes.
Land Development Full Record
Interested parties, as defined in the statute, are provided with a process to meet, discuss, and attempt to resolve issues raised by an appeal of an administrative decision in a “meeting to resolve is...
Land Use Classification Full Record
The County and cities therein resolved to use a formalized dispute resolution process when there is a conflict involving property annexations or land use plans.
Land Use Mediation Full Record
Recognizing that land use disputes can result in costly, time-consuming litigation, the Town of Warwick passed this Land Use Mediation ordinance to encourage and legitimatize voluntary mediation of di...
Municipal Code Full Record
In the interest of gaining compliance with municipal statutes (including zoning/land use laws), the San Diego city council enacted a statute to allow for mediation of all disputes involving San Diego ...
Planning and Development Procedures Full Record
During the Zoning Board application process, the Board may direct the parties to mediate a dispute over the proposed land use. The Board or Zoning Officer will direct the mediator as to which issues a...
Procedure for Special Permits Full Record
Preliminary conferences are required. At any point in the zoning review process the Planning Board can assign and employ an informal mediator to address concerns raised by neighbors and planners in r...
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