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Advisory Committee on Traffic Improvement Full Record
This article, known as the “Advisory Committee on Traffic Act”, creates the Advisory Committee on Traffic Improvement and charges the committee with several responsibilities and powers under § 10-24.
Advisory Committee on Traffic Improvement Full Record
In order to protect the Town or Yorktown and its residents an Advisory Committee on Traffic Improvement has been set up. The committee’s aims are to develop a General Traffic Management Policy and to ...
Incentive Zoning Full Record
This law lists the types of amenities developers could offer in order to receive incentives. These include: affordable housing, passive and active open spaces and related improvements, parks, child-c...
Municipal and Regional Planning and Development Full Record
These local and regional laws are models for states that seek to promulgate statutory law that will guide municipal and regional planning and development in their constituent localities.
Regional Planning in New York State: Full Record
This article, written by Patricia E. Salkin, provides examples of regional planning in New York and makes recommendations for further legislative or executive action in New York to promote land use pl...
South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994 Full Record
This state law is an example of a comprehensive plan at the state level. South Carolina uses its comprehensive planning enabling act to clearly guide municipalities in the state as they develop indivi...
Southern Growth Policies Agreement and Board Full Record
This regional agreement is an example of how several states can integrate their resources and experiences to create a vision for the growth of the region as a whole.
Transportation and Clean Air: Making the Land Use Connection Full Record
The article explains the relationship between transportation and land use development and stresses the need for coordinated and comprehensive planning between the two to combat sprawl and air pollutio...
Transportation and Local Land Use Decisions Full Record
Peter Casper discusses how the incorporation of transportation issues into land use planning requires regional cooperation. The author explores transportation problems that can arise due to poor land...
“SERIES 1: Basic Tools and Techniques, Issue Number 5: Variances” Full Record
This Research Aid answers various questions concerning variances, such as: what is a variance? what is the purpose of a variance? and where do municipalities derive their authority to approve or rejec...

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